Honesty and truthfulness are our priority values in all work processes and relations. We act with honesty and truthfulness in our relationship with our employees and all partners.


Confidential and private information include information that may create disadvantage for the competition of Köseoğlu Company, commercial secrets, personal information and “Confidentiality Agreements” contracted with third parties.

As employees of Köseoğlu Tourism, we are meticulous for protecting confidentiality and private information of our customers, employees and other persons and institutions we cooperate. We preserve confidential information; we use this information only for the benefits of Köseoğlu Tourism; we share this information only with certain people.

Conflict of Interest

As employees of Köseoğlu Tourism, we try to prevent conflict of interestBy benefiting from our current duty, we don’t take interest from our personal family or relatives and people and institution we collaborate. We don’t make any financial activity besides Köseoğlu Tourism.

In case of potential conflict of interest, if we believe it is possible to safely protect interests of relevant parties through legal and ethical methods, we apply these methods. When we have concerns, we ask out manager, Human Resources Department.

Our responsibilities

In addition to our legal responsibilities, we try to perform our responsibilities to our customers, employees, suppliers and competitors, society, humanity.

* Our legal responsibilities

We conduct our national and international activities and process within the frame of T.R. laws and international law; we provide intact, correct and understandable information to legal regulatory institutions and organizations. While performing all activities and transactions, we treat equally to all public institutions and organizations, administrative bodies, non-governmental organizations and political parties and we adopt this responsibility consciousness as our priority

Our responsibilities for our customers

We work customer satisfaction based in order to respond the needs and demands of our customer in the most convenient and quickest way possible. We provide our services in time and in the conditions promised. We approach our customers with dignity, honor, justice, equality and grace.

Our responsibilities for our employees

We enable our employees to completely and rightly use their rights. We have an honest and fair approach to our employees and we don’t have discriminative manners. We provide a safe and health workplace. We struggle for individual development of our employees and we consider the balance between business life and personal life.

Our responsibilities for our suppliers/business partners

We behave fair and respectful and try to perform our obligations in time. We meticulously protect the confidential information of people and institutions we cooperate.

Our responsibilities for our competitors

We compete in legal and ethical areas only; we prevent unjust competition. We support creating a competitive environment in society.

Our responsibilities for society and humanity

Protecting democracy, human rights and environment, education and charity works, preventing crimes and faults are very important to us. We act as a sensible leader in social issues with the conscience of being a good citizen.  We try to cooperate with non-governmental organizations and public benefit works. We don’t accept bribery or gifts etc. that are over objective. We don’t give products or services as presents.

Our responsibilities on behalf of “Köseoğlu”

Thanks to our corporate professional competency and honesty in all our relationships, we are reliable. We try to maintain this reputation at the highest level. We provide our services within the frame of Holding/Company policies, professional standards, commitments and ethical rules; we try hard to perform our obligations. We are careful to give service in fields we believe we are and will be professionally competent. We work with customers and personnel who abide truthfulness and legitimacy criteria. We don’t work with people who damage social ethics, environment and social health.


Conflict of Interest Policy

One of the most significant responsibilities of all employees is not using the sources, name, identity and power of Köseoğlu for personal benefits; preventing from all situations that may negatively affect name and image of company. The application principles below determine the conflict of interest that may be faced in their personal lives during performance of their duties and the procedures to be followed in those situations:

1. Activities that may create conflict of interest

Company employees should absolutely obey the conditions that are listed as may create conflict of interest and principles stipulated below. Company shall organize activities in order to encourage employees to abide these principles.

i. Performing activities that may create conflict of interest

Köseoğlu Tourism employees should not directly or indirectly perform as “merchant” or “craftsmen”; should not work for the benefit of any other person and/or organization during work hours regardless of the name of it. But if the employees work for an other person (member of family, friend, and other third parties) and/or institution in exchange for wage or a similar benefit, it shall be permitted limited with the conditions below:

it should not negatively affect their performance of duties in the company
The management should give written approval.

The approval is given by Chairman of Board of Directors, Human Resources Manager.

ii. Manipulating the duty

 Employees are not allowed to harm Köseoğlu Tourism by using their authorizations for the benefit of themselves and/or their families and beyond the care expected from them.

Employees may not directly or indirectly obtain profit from all transactions and agreements the Holding/Company is a party with purchasing and selling activities.

Employees may not act in violation of ethics, laws and discipline of Company.

iii. Usage of sources

Company benefits are taken into account in the usage of sources on behalf of company. Company assets, facilities and personnel may not be used without the benefit of Company regardless of name and benefits. “Saving in all subjects” principle is applied by all personnel.

Right usage of sources for the benefit of Company also requires right usage of time. Company employees use time well during work hours. They don’t share time for their personal works during work hours. Managers may not assign employees for their personal works.

It is not allowed to accept personal visitors during work hours. Employees should complete their meeting with obligatory visitors in the reasonable time depending on the subject of visiting.

iv. Relationship of Company with other people and/or institutions with whom it has commercial affairs

Employees may not have private business relationships with Company’s customers, subcontractors or suppliers and other people and/or institutions with whom Company has commercial affairs. They may not take debt money and/or goods/services for personal purposes and they may not give debt money and/or goods/services to people and/or institutions with whom Company has commercial affairs.

Company’s employees may not demand presents from other people and/or institutions with whom Company has commercial affairs or they may not imply it. They may not accept any presents, money, check, property, free holiday, special discounts etc. that may put Company under obligation.

B. Accepting and giving gifts policy

It is obligatory not to accept gifts or benefits that may affect neutrality, decisions and behaviors of company and its employees; provide these kinds of gifts or benefits that may create these kinds of effects on third parties and institutions. The application principles determined below state the gift receiving-giving of Company Employees to third parties and institutions with whom they have business relationships:

Application Principles

Company Employees are forbidden to receive any gifts or benefits that do or may affect neutrality, performances, and decisions of them during their duties.
Company Employees may receive and/or give  gifts that are
in compliance with corporate work objectives
In compliance with legislation in force or they may accept to be treated specially.
Provided to provide the conditions stated in article 2;
Company Employees, under the condition of abiding the principles in Authorities Table, may give and receive acceptable entertainment, gifts and foods.
May receive except money, awards, plates etc. that are a memory and symbolic values of seminars and similar organizations attended on behalf of company. 
They are forbidden to receive gifts and benefits that are implicitly or explicitly depending on an exchange.
Receiving, giving or offering bribery and/or commission is not accepted under any condition.
Company Employees are forbidden to accept money for free or as a loan; take travel expenses, activity expenses and similar payments from affiliates, suppliers, counselors, competitors or customers.
Provided to provide the conditions stated in article 2, they may accept proper products and services of Company as a gift and under the knowledge and approval of Company’s senior management, they may give products or services as gifts appropriate to culture and ethical values of receiver.
In exceptional conditions where local cultural values require giving and taking gifts beyond the values determined in the company policy, these gifts shall only be accepted on behalf of Company and with the approval of Company’s senior management.

Protection of Confidential Information Policy

This is one of the most important assets to be used in order to fulfill vision of Köseoğlu Tourism. Within these directions, it is common responsibility of all company and employees to use information effectively share appropriately and enable confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information. Management systems established for the management and confidentiality of information and compliance of applied processes are important for the maximum benefit of Society. The application principles below define the confidential information for Company and regulate the principles to be abided by employees for confidential information.

Application Principles

Including but not limited to these, confidential information includes all kinds of innovation written, discovered, developed, made or applied by personnel, database, printed communication materials, processes, advertisements, product packaging and labels, plans (marketing, product, technical), work strategies, financial information, personnel information, customer lists, product designs, know-how, specifications, potential and real customer identities, information of suppliers, all printed or digitally read graphics.

The principles to be abided for confidential information are listed below:

This information may not be disclosed to third parties unless disclosure is obligatory by Public Authorities or Legislation.
This information may not be changed, copied and damaged. Necessary measurements are taken in order to maintain, preserve and keep secret the information. Amendments on information are registered with the dates.
Confidential files may not be brought outside the institution. For the confidential information that needs to be brought outside the institution, the approval of responsible or senior management should be taken.
Passwords, user codes used for access to company information and similar identifying information are kept confidential; they are not disclosed to anyone except authorized users.
Company may not speak confidential information in dining rooms, cafeterias, elevators, service cars and similar public places.
It may not make unproven declaration and/or rumors about people or institutions.
Entity information reflecting company policy and wage, social benefits and similar private information are confidential and are not disclosed to anyone except authorized users. Information of personnel is sent per
personnel. It is absolutely forbidden to disclose these information to others or make pressure to personnel to disclose these information.

D. Creating and Maintaining Fair Work Environment

Köseoğlu Tourism considers creating and maintaining fair work environment for its employees as one of the most important priorities. It aims to create a harmonized, fair, respectful, healthy and safe work environment with relevant laws and regulations; it targets to increase development and fidelity. The application principles below determine the principles of creating and maintaining fair work environment in Köseoğlu Tourism.

Application Principles

Company applications are in compliance to all employment and work life laws and regulations in force. Company employees also perform all legal requirement of their activities and act in accordance with legal regulations.
Company enables fair human resources policies and applications, recruiting, promotion-transfer-rotation, pricing, awarding, social benefits etc.
Discrimination based on race, color, gender, political idea, belief, religion, sect, age, physical obstacle and similar reasons is not allowed inside the Company.
Cooperation supportive, positive and harmonized work environment is created in company and conflicts are prevented. People from different beliefs, ideas and opinions work in harmony.
Personal lives and spaces of employees are respected.
Communication between people is not violated by the people who are not parties.
Even if it is recorded in compliance to laws, it is forbidden to give/spread/obtain personal data in illegal ways.
Personnel information resulting from work relationship and may be necessary afterwards may not be used except their purposes and they are not share with third parties without the consent of people.
Private and family lives of all employees are respected.
Besides all kinds of immunities of employees, their physical, sexual and sensual immunities are regarded also.
Violation of physical, sexual and sensual immunities employees in workplace or any place presented due to work is against law and ethical rules and Company shall not tolerate this crime in any way. The purpose of this application is to create a work environment where physical, sexual and sensual immunities are protected.
Violating body immunity of any person with sexual behaviors and/or harassing person for sexual purposes without physical contact is defined as sexual harassment. Accordingly, it is forbidden to perform any behavior that may be evaluated under the content of this definition.
Moreover people who behave negatively against people who notify any harassment or make complaint and help during investigation are not tolerated.
No employee may demand privileged application due to different gender, religion, language, and race. Nobody is privileged and treated specially. It is not accepted to compensate due to gender, religion, language, and race differences.
Company enables healthy and safe work place for all employees.


Since Köseoğlu Tourism has activities in international markets, company operations may be subjected to different country laws and regulations. When questions arise about the business ethics of different countries, first of all local regulations in the country of work should be followed. If following the regulations in the country of work may create harmful results for the ethic values adopted by Köseoğlu Tourism who will perform in international platforms, this situation should be provided solutions within the adopted ethic rules and procedures.


Compliance to ethic rules is first responsibility of all employees. Within this direction all employees should;

act in compliance to all laws and regulations,
read Köseoğlu Work Ethic rules; know, understand, internalize  and act in accordance with the principles and values,
learn general procedures valid for company and specific policies and procedures related with their works,
counsel to his/her manager or human resources about potential violations about himself/herself or others,
should immediately report violations of himself/herself or others; should orally or in written submit his/her notifications about these subjects to his/her manager or human resources
should follow “The Ways and Methods to be Followed during Decision Making in means of Ethics” determined in order to act within rules and solve problems,
The Ways and Methods to be Followed during Decision Making in means of Ethics

You need to follow the steps below as a guideline while deciding on an action plan and ask these questions to yourself:

Determining Event, Decision or Problem
Are you asked to perform anything that you consider may be wrong?
Are you aware of any situation that may not be legal or in compliance to work performance ethics of company?
Are your trying to give a decision and do you have concerns about how to behave in accordance with work performance ethics?
Think before giving the decision
Try to determine the problem or your concern clearly and summarize it.
Ask yourself why it is a dilemma,
Think about options and results,
Think who might be affected,
Counsel to others.
Decide on an action plan
Determine your responsibilities
Revise all facts and information.
Apply to appropriate company policies, procedures and professional standards,
Evaluate the risks and think how you can diminish them.
Try to form the best action plan.
Counsel to others.
Test your decision
Revise questions to be asked in means of ethics.
Revise your decisions within the frame of fundamental values of company.
Make sure you consider company policies, laws and professional standards.
Ask others and evaluate their opinions within the action plan you arranged.
Continue decisively
Share your decisions with relevant people with your reasons
Share what you have learned
Share your success story with others.
4 Basic Question to be taken into account
Is this action/behavior in compliance with laws, rules and traditions? (Standards)
Is it in compliance with professional standards?
Is it in compliance with laws?
Is this action/behavior balanced and fair? Will you get offended if someone else did it? (Justice Sense).
Is it right according to you?
Is your company disturbed if all details of this activity become public? (Sensations and ethical values)
Will you be in trouble or get offended if others know this behavior of yours?
Can this have negative results for you or your company?
Who else may be affected by this (Other employees under the roof of company, you, etc.)?


Managers have additional responsibilities beyond the ones defined for employees. Accordingly managers are responsible for;

creating and maintaining a company culture and work environment supporting ethic rules,
becoming an example for application of ethic rules, training their employees for ethic rules,
supporting their employees for notifying questions, complaints and notifications related with ethic rules,
guiding way when counseled about what to do, taking all notified information into account and submitting these to Ethic Council when necessary,
enabling minimizing the risks of ethic subjects under their responsibilities and applying necessary method and approaches in order to enable compliance to ethic rules,


Those violating work ethic rules or company policies and procedures shall be subjected to various discipline sanctions to which extent that they may be expelled from their positions. Discipline sanctions shall be applied to those who have inappropriate behaviors and cause violation against rules and those who have knowledge about these but don’t make necessary notifications.

Human Resources Management Approach

If you want to continue your business life in a continuously innovating, colorful and active world, Harrington Park provides you unique carrier opportunities!

If you want to become a part of Hotel that has prestige in tourism sector, Harrington Park Resort Hotel is the right place for you!

Basic “Human Resources Policy” enable development of our employees with quality based, fair and equal approaches. The bases of Park Resort Hotel are result-based, customer satisfaction based; open for cooperation, adoptive for change, open for learning and development. Employee recruiting system founded on these bases is continued with training programs supporting sustainable development.

Our human resources team gives counseling to our employees in all phases starting from the very first moment of the interview of people to their carrier development, personal developments and trainings. We target to create a happy and cooperative team. Thus we would contribute to growth and development of Harrington Park Resort family and development of our employees.

Recruiting Method

Aiming to develop itself in the uprising tourism sector with quality ethics, create labor force,

HARRINGTON PARK RESORT HOTEL desires to provide carrier opportunities to those people who have this very same vision and continue with them.

Human resources need under the structure of Harrington Park Resort Hotel is determined and defined under the lights of capacity increase; short and long term business plans. Recruiting activities include selection of individuals bringing company to forward, open for development and carrying these potential.

Basic competencies in recruiting activities and position-specific competencies should be taken bases. The interview process which includes two phases minimum should be done by Human resources and department managers. Our recruiting process should be done within the direction of staff. The applications for open positions should be taken into pool and after evaluation due to position requirements, the candidates whose resumes are proper are invited to interview.

After evaluations, recruiting process is completed by recruiting the most proper candidate. The candidates who are not offered job are notified. The applications of candidates are kept in “Candidate Database” in order to be evaluated in other positions and they are contacted for the possible positions.

Performance Evaluation

Company makes evaluation of personal objectives of employees determined within the strategic targets and plans effective with competency based evaluations.

Evaluation performance and personal contributions of individuals, giving structuring and reality based feedback about these enable input for the training programs applied for professional and personal development of individuals.


In Harrington Park Resort Hotel, wages and social rights of blue and white collar personnel are determined according to wage system. In wage system, there is a rank based management which we try to make competitive within market conditions.

Carrier Management

Knowledge, experience, competency and performance results of our employees are evaluated in order to develop and direct their work life. Within this scope, there may be an upper position or employees who have position requirements for empty positions or positions that need to be backed up. The employees are vertically and horizontally evaluated within their expectations and interests. In this process, employees participate to training application. According to training results, development plans are prepared and employee and his/her manager are provided with counseling service according to their carrier expectations and developmental areas.


As a result of performance evaluations conducted, employees who have necessary qualification skills are promoted to open position. Promotion examination has two phases and they are listed as verbal and numeric examinations.


Under the scope of our training and development programs, Harrington Park Resort Hotel employees are tried to be made effective and productive in their works. The continuity of development is enabled with this approach.

In order to accelerate work adaptation processes any company employees are given Orientation training, Quality Management Systems training and on-job trainings specific to departments. They follow technical, managerial and personal development trainings all over their work life.

Harrington Park Resort Hotel considers measuring satisfaction level of its employees and within the direction of these data increase employee loyalty. It determines amendment opportunities in Employee Satisfaction Survey applied each year.

Internship Opportunities

It provides internship opportunities to university and vocational school students within a certain availability. Students who want to make internship should submit their resume and a document showing their obligatory internship requirement.

Education Level of Employees: University 41%, High School 23%; Elementary 26%.

Women/Men Ratio of Employees: 35% Women, 65% Men

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