Spa Wellness

Ordinary Spa- beyond wellness services… Where you may renew your body and soul, the opportunities presented by nature are completely used; specially designed for you to reach a higher life quality. In our Spa center, we present our guests luxurious cares such as Far east massages based on Zen philosophy, sultan’s care, and therapies. We have holistic therapies, wine baths, natural essence beauty cares and also different saunas, vapor rooms, special showers and Traditional Turkish Bathroom.

SPA center founded on 515 m2 area includes 2 closed swimming pool and 2 children’s pool.

SPA area is a special area including 545 m2 area approximately. In SPA area, there is Ayurveda, Hydrotherapy suit, Rock therapy, Shiatsu Thai massage, Honey therapy, Skin Care, Hand-Feet special care, Turkish Bathroom. Vapor room is also presented for your service.

Holistic therapy option which is now spa trend of world is also among the services of our spa center.

SPA relaxing section including closed pool, sauna, vapor room, showers and traditional Turkish Bathroom, Fin Bathroom is a common area used by hotel guests.