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Turkish Bath

Turkish Bathrooms are cleaning and shower areas for body with hot water and soap. The body sweating in Turkish Bathroom should be cleaned with a cloth or sponge. This will facilitate blood circulation in body and create relaxation.

Those taking shower in Turkish Bathrooms should obey etiquette rules. Staying longer in Bathrooms, passing from hot to cold and cold to hot may give harm to body. For people with health problems, it is dangerous to take shower in hot water.


Sauna may be defined as “dry vapor bathroom” and also known as traditional Fin Bathroom. There is a soft light in sauna. Sit silently and comfortably. The temperature is generally 80 C to 110 C. It enables discharging toxic material from body through sweating due to excessive heat and cleaning of pores. Sauna accelerates circulation system and enables toxin removal and more oxygen penetration to cells.

Sauna enables a perfect environment for physical and mental health. Removing toxins in a suitable temperature, resting and cold shower arranges blood circulation, decreases tension and creates peace.

Vapor Room

In order to rest your body which gets tired during all day, in order to feel yourself better, you may also find solutions in vapor rooms. You may welcome a healthier life with vapor rooms.

After vapor rooms care, the pain and aches in muscles decreases, the skin is deeply cleaned and regains its moisture.

You will feel yourself freshen up, more vital and newborn after care.


Fitness literally means “Being healthy and in form”. It is a sports including may exercise.

As a different target from all other sports, it aims to tighten and enhance all muscles by acting them one by one or with or without equipment. Mainly all sports include the exercises used in fitness or an exercise specific to a sports may be used in fitness because there are muscle groups that are mainly used in all sports. Most of the exercises done in order to gain condition to these muscle groups may be used as fitness exercises also.

Training programs differ per person and determined target. There is no certain training standard in fitness sports. So it should be a training program observed by an expert since every age, every life style and body type is different. Since this sports doesn2t have certain molds and targets, it may be done in all ages.


Hair care, hair dyeing and cutting, balayage, manicure, pedicure, body care, skin care and all kinds of personal care are giving in men and women coiffeur.

Closed swimming pools

There are private or mixed closed, heated swimming pools special for men and women. Moreover there is also a heated children pool in each unit. Our swimming pools which are checked in al ways to ensure your health are presented to your service with our experienced SPA team and Qualified Technical personnel.