Beverage Services

Lobby Bistro Bar

Local-imported alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, hot drinks, cocktails are presented according to your accommodation concept. It is open 24 hours.

Vitamin bar 10:00-20:00

Fresh fruit juices, different herbal teas, mineral water and water service is done in our SPA Wellness Area in order to enable balance of your body, remove your thirsty and make vitamin backup to your health.

Disco bar 22:00-02:00

All alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are serviced charged. There is special cocktail menu.

Pastry Café 10:00-18:00

Dough, Milky, Cream, Cakes and Cookies, Pies and Pastries, different sweats are presented in our pastry hall.  Non-alcoholic drinks and hot drinks are served. There is ice cream service. Rich coffee options are serviced with special menu.

Pool Bar

Alcoholic drinks and hot drinks are served according to your concept. All drinks are approved by Health Councils.

Alcoholic beverage service is not made to those under 18 in our bars.