KOSEOGLU Tourism was founded in 1989 by Mr. Mustafa Koseoglu. Before founding the company, he was involved in various construction works and he started to work as a contractor in his very young ages. In 1957, in Nato Hoşdere, he made very fast and good quality buildings with İbrahim Yolal. Moreover he worked for the different works of Military in Yassıada and in construction of schools of Ministry of National Education. Due the principle-keeping personality, he made great successes. One of the buildings constructed by him is Demirözü Mustafa Koseoglu high school and dormitory.

In 1970, he constructed numerous apartments in Merter, villas in Florya, luxurious residences in Etiler. In 1980, he was granted many tender projects in Cidde, Saudi Arabia.

Starting from 1988, he was in the business of tourism with 4 stars Berr Hotel and Piyano Forte Hotels constructed by him. The last tourism investment of his is 5 stars Harrington Park Resort Hotel constructed according to world standards and he also aims to provide luxury and comfort together in his 5 stars hotel project in Çankaya, Ankara.

In addition to these, he will be known with his works in health sector soon.